Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcoming the Next Generation

On July 13th we welcomed our second grandchild, Thoryn Marie, into this world!  Twenty-seven years ago that very day, her mommy, Christa, had entered our lives. 

Justin and Christa are facing all the new parent struggles of feeding schedules, lack of sleep, dirty diapers, lifestyle changes…anyone who has ever had a child knows what I mean!  The list could go on and on.  Your life is no longer your own.  There is a little person now who depends on you for everything.  Big responsibility! 

We’re so thankful for the loving home Thoryn has!  She has been prayed for long before she was ever conceived.  But not all children have it so good. 

Dave, a young man who is meeting with us along with his fianc√© for premarital instruction, did not have it so good.  After his parents divorced when he was four, he was part of the battle between his parents, shuffled back and forth, abused mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually. He finally ended up in foster homes until he was old enough to decide to be on his own.  Dave then entered the army, married a girl for the sole purpose of receiving more benefits (his own explanation), and soon divorced.

This young couple hasn’t had much of an example set before them about what a marriage is or how to love someone till “death do you part.”

When they met with a couple in their church about getting married, they (a couple we had coached through some difficult times) immediately referred them to us.  And that’s where we enter the journey…a journey of a man and woman who will effect generations to come by the way they live their lives as a couple, how they raise their children, and how they serve the Lord.  And you are a part of that as you pray for and give to this ministry!

Enjoying being well as guides to couples who need help preparing for and living "happily ever after"!

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