Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Kiss on the Forehead from God

Ever have one of those days you felt like “throwing in the towel”?  Oh, yes, we have, too!
Not too long ago while spending time with the Lord I (Paula) was asking Him if what we were doing was worth the sacrifice; just then my phone dinged, saying I had received a text.  I normally don’t check it when I’m in conversation with God, but this morning I felt I needed a diversion so I checked it and found this:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your husband this morning.  You guys have been such a blessing in our lives and God only knows how much.  I just felt y’all needed to know that.  Please don’t give up on what you are doing; it’s not in vain!  We pray for you everyday asking God to bless and keep you both.  Again, thanks for helping us to get back on the right track!  We haven’t forgotten who helped us.  God bless!  Angie

Can God get any more personal or could His timing be any better?  Only God could have tapped Angie on the shoulder and prompted her to write that on that day…a day when I was ready to seek employment elsewhere!!  J  Our friend, Josie, calls moments like this “a kiss on the forehead” from God.

Yes, we do get discouraged when there is so much need in marriages and not enough resources or when hearts are unwilling to seek help for whatever situation they may face.  We are convinced no problem is too much for Him to handle and our mission is to share that with others!!

We thank God for the miracles we see taking place in relationships like Angie’s, for the protection He gives us every day, for the encouragement He provides through His Word and through others' words and actions.

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