Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can You Help Us?

Holding back the tears Betsy confessed, “I was sexually molested at five years of age.  As a Jr. Higher I was put in foster care because my dad threated to kill me while high on drugs.  My first husband abused me.  John and I have been married five years with two little girls and we fight constantly.  We don’t want to live like this!  Please help us!”

Does that seem severe and unbelievable to you?  Then you must live in a cocoon.  In working with couples we see it all the time….the pain of innocence lost, of promises broken, disillusionment, sorrow and never-ending pain.  We see it because these are things that wreak havoc on a marriage.

All around us are people battling images in their mind—a father slamming the door as he leaves, someone who should be trusted taking your innocence, a spouse who gave their heart to someone else, a child taken away much too soon, the carnage of war overseas or on our streets here at home, on and on it goes.

We sometimes have to hide our shock and horror at the pain some people bear behind the smiles of façade.  And, yes, these are people sitting next to you in the pew at church!

The good news is that when we meet with them they are seeking help.  Is there hope?  Can life truly be lived “happily ever after”? 

It sure can!  With a loving, miracle-working God!  Without Him there is not much hope, but with Him there is!

MercyMe sings these words: 
You remain…even when the earth is shaking
You remain…even when our kings have fallen
Every mountain standing tall will crash into the sea.
You were, You are, and You will be.  Only You remain!

When all is crashing down around us…He remains!!  Statistics.  Legislation.  Politics.  Wars and revolutions.  Devastation from storms.  Violence in our streets.  Homes falling apart.  He shines even when the stars have left the sky!  He remains!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity through your financial gifts and prayers of sharing hope with individuals, couples, and families!
 Living to give hope to the hopeless!

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