Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a year!

It is one year to the day since our last blog!  Wow!  Like the old adage:  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!   Actually like what the frog said better:  “ime sure  is fun when you’re having flies!”

A lot has happened in our lives since that day.  Our house sold in Virginia, moved to Arkansas into a smaller house (much downsizing!), became grandparents (smiles!!), and started a new ministry!  Phew!

The ministry we began is called “Marriage in the Raw.”  Our website is currently under construction, but if you go to you can get a glimpse of our goals and our heart for this ministry.

And being grandparents, wow, what a joy!  Everyone told us how great it was and they were right!  Because our office is in our home, we get to watch Coen a lot and are enjoying it tremendously.  We love being Gramps and Grammy!

And not to forget our kids!  Since all three live in Little Rock, too, we are so thrilled to be near them again.  At times we just smile and thank God when Christa “stops by” after work or we go out to eat with Josh and Jenn or Shaun, Kristin and Coen come over to watch the game.

That’s our update for now and hope to be sharing thoughts more frequently in the future!  ‘Til next time…

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